Football Development

We are very excited to add Professional Football Instruction to the programs here at Peak. Master Schill wanted to put together a program where children started receiving proper instruction at the earliest age possible. Having children as young as 7 and as old as 32, he has seen a massive shift in the coaching from when he played ball himself forty plus years ago.

When putting together this program Master Schill started interviewing prospects he felt matched the level of instruction he has built within his martial arts programs. He found Coach Anthony Football Photo SmallBrown. Coach Brown is not only a certified fitness coach, he has coached players from youth to the NFL. He has more than 25 years experience coaching students in many sports. He has consistently coached more than 20 kids to full ride college scholarships annually for many years.

Athletes will be grouped based upon their level of knowledge and skills in football. We will have classes for the child that has never played football to the young boy or girl who has played on several organized teams.

There will be two formal classes per week just like the martial arts as well as daily drills and skills that athletes will perform on their non formal class days.

In addition to the football training, the students will participate in Master Schill’s Student Success Program. The martial arts parents absolutely love this program and the results the children experience. Your child will become very self-sufficient in a short amount of time. Cleaning their room, taking care of their personal responsibilities, more respectful and more responsible in school. Every quarter we have provide the students that complete their minimum requirements a party just for them.

We will also implement the first ever quarterly football training review. Every quarter you will get to see just how much your child has grown every quarter. This training will prepare them for the ability to join one of our select football teams that will compete in local leagues. The goal is to eventually build teams that will compete on a regional and national level.

If you are interested in providing your child the best football instruction as well as the academic, social, emotional and character development from this proven After School Program then click the blue button below.


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