After School Facts Affecting Students in Cedar Park


Since 1990, I have been tracking national statistics regarding after-school programs. Below are just of the data that is alarming and what difference After School Programs can make in the healthy development of children.

Over 77% of women with children are in the workforce today. This statistic has grown sharply over the past 30 years. There are nearly 15.1 million children that are considered “Latchkey Children”. These are children that are unsupervised during post-school hours. The latest statistics show that nearly 40,000 kindergartners are left in self-care until their parents get off from work. As a father of 5 and someone who has studied this market for more than 20 years, this is a staggering number of kids that are left to fend for themselves. Just to show you how much this number has grown, this is nearly 2 million more than when we started our After School Program at Peak in 2001.

For many children, their parents feel as though they cannot afford after-school programs or they feel as though the 1-2 hours their child would have to spend would be no big deal. I have listed some statistics for you below that I feel are a big factor in the reason why so many of our children are struggling today academically and socially compared to other nations’ children. I truly feel this is one of the contributors to our education system to be ranked 26th worldwide. I am not sure about you, but as the wealthiest, freest nation on the planet, this is unacceptable. I am not sharing these statistics with you to scare you but to enlighten you to the challenges our children are facing and the steps as parents we need to take to ensure their current, future, and life success.


  • 15.1 Million Children are self-supervised between 3-6 p.m.

  • Nearly 75% of all Juvenile Crime Occurs between 3-6 p.m.

  • 3-6 p.m. are the peak hours for children to experience drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and sex.

  • Children who do not attend after-school programs are 3 times more likely to engage in the above-mentioned activities.

  • The average unsupervised child spends 60 hours a week playing video games.

  • The average unsupervised child spends 23 hours watching television.

  • Students who spend NO time in an after-school program are 49% more likely to use drugs and 37% more likely to become teen parents than students who spend at least 4 hours a week.

  • Teens who DO NOT participate in after-school programs are 3 times more likely to skip school and participate in drug usage, sex, become involved in car accidents….

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  • Youth who participate in after-school programs improve significantly in three major areas: feelings and attitudes, indicators of behavioral adjustment, and school performance. More specifically, after-school programs succeeded in improving youths’ feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem, school bonding (positive feelings and attitudes toward school), positive social behaviors, school grades, and achievement test scores. They also reduced problem behaviors (e.g., aggression, noncompliance, and conduct problems) and drug use. In sum, after-school programs produced multiple benefits that pertain to youths’ personal, social, and academic life.

  • Programs that used evidence-based skill training approaches were consistently successful in producing multiple benefits for youth, while those that did not use such procedures were not successful in any outcome area.

  • Students in quality after-school programs have better academic performance, behavior, school attendance, and greater expectations for the future

  • Programs help youth succeed in providing academic support and the chance to form meaningful relationships with adults of their community by encouraging them to get involved in the neighborhood through service projects.

  • Children who spend time in enrichment activities have better grades, better work habits, and more positive relationships with their peers.8 After-school programs give children the opportunity to develop creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, and self-direction skills that are linked with success in the workplace.

These are just some of the overwhelming statistics and outcomes of studies that have been done by independent groups as well as the federal government.

If you want your child to succeed in an environment that was specifically designed for After School Development, then click on the “Blue Block” below and reserve your spot today.


Parents, for nearly 25 years I have yelled, shouted, jumped up and down about the importance of after-school programs following school hours. These are important hours for all children regardless if they are in a program or not, there are nearly 800 hours a school year that children are not receiving proper development during this 3-6 p.m. time frame.

I have worked very hard to put together a comprehensive program that provides your child with the ultimate development experience. Our all-inclusive tuition program provides your child with Martial Arts Lessons, Character Development, and After School Development during these crucial hours.

On average, better than 98% of the children in my after-school program are on the honor roll. They exceed socially in school and in life. They are more confident, have greater self-esteem, and are willing to stick up for themselves and others when most children will not. They’re more impervious to bullying and negative peer pressure and have a stronger moral compass than their peers.

Our Peak Performers Program and Parents as Coaches Program have been featured on every Major Network, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC as well as The USA Today and many other international and national publications.

I have been blessed enough to be a 3-time best-selling author including my last book “Success Secrets” co-authored with Jack Canfield (Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”) This book featured our Parents As Coaches Program.

I am on a mission to enhance, enrich, and provide children with the roadmap to success. Why do you ask? Because I know how much I struggled to enter the real world thinking I knew everything and realizing very quickly how unprepared I was for adult success.

Please understand, I am not saying as a parent you are ill-equipped to help your child succeed. What I am saying is that I want to work with parents who want their children to succeed in the top 3%  and provide the proven success skills in coordination with your parenting skills to ensure your children are succeeding far above the levels you and I did, earlier in life than we did.

Thank you for considering our After School Program,

Master Schill

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