Program Details

A Couple of Questions before we begin?

  • Are you concerned about the safety of your child after school dismisses?
  • Are you concerned your child is not stimulated enough after school?
  • Are you concerned the after school program at their school is operated by teenagers?
  • Are you concerned they will be bullied or ignored after school?
  • Are you concerned about how many video games they play after school at the daycare they are currently in?
  • Would you prefer a program with a proven success curriculum that guarantees their success?
  • Would you like them to participate in a proven physical development program that will develop them to be Impervious to Bullying and Negative Peer Pressure?
  • Are you tired of Pulling Your Hair Out wondering which after school program is best for your child?

If the answer is yes to any or all of those questions, then you are ready for THE BEST AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM your child will ever attend. Peak Performance Training Center’s After School Enrichment Program will provide you the peace of mind that your child will receive the best physical, mental, and emotional development available.

What Makes Peak Performances After School Enrichment Program So Different?

Professional Staff

Master Schill has assembled a team of highly qualified professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in child and family development. Master Schill is the creator of the “Parents as Coaches” program. This program has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA Today, Tae Kwon Do Times, and many other local and national publications. This program has assisted more than 10,000 families in developing Happy, Healthy Children that are impervious to bullying and negative peer pressure. In addition, Master Schill is a 3 time Best Selling Author and recipient of the coveted Quilly Award by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. In September of 2012, Master Schill’s book titled “The Success Secrets” that he co-authored with Jack Canfield (NY Times Best Selling Author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul”) earned best sellers credentials in 7 different best categories. His staff consists of Internationally Certified Martial Arts Masters and Instructors in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and our Moder Combatives Program. We employ, Certified School Teachers  Coaches, Trainers, All American and Olympic Athletes. Students participate in a character development curriculum that Master Schill incorporates as part of the personal development program taught at the academy. Master Schill also consults with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout our country. Including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Michael Gerber, Joe Theisman, Stedman Graham (Oprah’s Man), Dr. Bill Dorfman, Sean Astin, Gene Simmons, and many others. He takes the proven success steps used by these very successful people and teaches them to the staff. This education is then translated to the students of the academy, exposing them to success secrets that only the top 3% of the population use every day.

Benefits and Features of our Program

As parents ourselves, we looked at what challenges face most families during the evening and post-school hours. We then tailored a program that will provide you with the following features and benefits.

  • Safe transportation from your child’s school to our centrally located facility, using air-conditioned coach buses. Each seat has a seat belt to ensure safe transportation.
  • 9,000 square foot facility specifically designed for developing every aspect of a child’s physical and mental capacity.
  • Assembled a staff of highly trained professional Teachers, Coaches, and Instructors with more than 125 years of combined experience.
  • Incorporate professional physical development programs (Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu, Football, Wrestling, Speed, Conditioning, Strength, Basketball, & Volleyball) into their afternoon routine.
  • Our award-winning Student Success Program. A self-discipline and character development curriculum that our parents absolutely love!!!!
  • Daily snack upon arrival. Most children eat lunch as early as 10:30 a.m., by the time they reach us, they are hungry.
  • We provide Sports Camps on most school holidays. We also provide early pick up on early release days.
  • Testing and Intramural tournaments are included with the tuition. One of the fundamental growth tactics we use is their promotions in the martial arts. All of the testing, belts, certificates, etc., are included with their tuition.
  • All inclusive tuition investment structure.
  • The most affordable After School Program available.