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At Peak Performance After School Enrichment Program, the positive development and growth of the children in our program are one of the leading thoughts in our Mission Statement. To ensure this, we have assembled a staff of highly qualified and properly chosen people to facilitate our goals with the children.

Listed below is just a small statement about the staff and their experience.

Master Gary Schill

Master Gary A. Schill is the owner and chief instructor of Peak Performance Training Center. Master Schill holds the rank of 7th Degree Master Instructor in Tang Soo Do as well as Black Belt in other styles.

Peak Performance is a Child, Family, and Professional Coaching Program that provides Personal Development and Success Coaching to children, families, and adult professionals utilizing the core tenants of Martial Arts Training.

Master Schill is married to his beautiful wife Paula and together they have 5 children ranging in age from 13-39. All 5 children are 2nd degree Black Belts.

Master Schill started his training at the young age of 8. As a military dependent, Master Schill was exposed to many styles of Martial Arts from different parts of the world based upon the instructors that were active-duty military being transferred into the bases Master Schill’s father was stationed at. After Master Schill’s family was transferred to Germany they discovered that his sister had a very rare heart defect. This discovery immediately impacted the family as Master Schill’s sister and mother were medevacked to Texas. With the family split up and his sister needing extensive care, many things in the family changed. Master Schill for many years felt as though his parents had no time for him and it affected his self-esteem and confidence. As an adult and father, Master Schill realized this was not the case. Master Schill also realized how much his martial arts training had kept him on the right path.

Master Schill continued to train even while working in Corporate America. In 1997, Master Schill opened Peak Performance part-time in his church. In the summer of 2001 Master Schill traveled to Korea and China for 3 weeks to train with his Asian Peers. While there he quickly realized that he truly loved the Martial Arts more than he loved his corporate job. On the plane ride home, he wrote his resignation letter and presented it to his boss upon his return. Three weeks later Peak went from a part time hobby to a full-time professional academy. Peak has been in business for more than 21 years and is one of the top academies in the country.

With more than 47 years of Martial Arts and Family Coaching experience, Master Schill has developed revolutionary programs that are proven to develop a student’s emotional, mental, physical, and social intelligence that will make them impervious to bullying and negative peer pressure. Realizing that most parents, like him, were never provided the owners-manual upon the birth of their child. He has developed a revolutionary Parenting Program (Parents as Coaches “PAC”). The PAC program which is part of Master Schill’s Successful Families Program provides parents with a new set of Success Secrets that will ensure their children possess life skills found only in the top 3% of the world’s population. Master Schill works with the local school districts teaching anti-bullying, anti-negative peer pressure, and abduction prevention techniques to more than 25,000 children annually. In addition, he provides parenting classes to local parents and various organizations providing them the Ninja Tricks to developing happy, healthy environments for their families to flourish.

Master Schill is a three-time Best Seller Author and the Winner of the Coveted “Quilly” award, awarded by the National Academy of Best Sellers. His latest best-seller “Success Secrets” is co-authored with Jack Canfield (“Chicken Soup for the Soul” co-Author) and hit 7 different best sellers list in August 2012.

Master Schill is the leading authority on Child and Family Development. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX as well as The USA Today multiple times receiving his Quilly Award. He was also featured on the cover of Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine as well as a contributing for the National editor for local newspapers, magazines and several radio shows. In addition to his media Academy of Best Sellers appearance, Master Schill is humbled by the extraordinary business, life and celebrity leaders that call upon him for his advice. For more information on the programs that are offered at Peak Performance please email us at info@PeakCedarPark.com or call 512.918.8921.

Master Schill is very proud of the team of instructors, coaches, and teachers he has hand-selected to instruct at Peak. With hundreds of Black Belts and Master Instructors that have graduated from his coveted academy, Master Schill hopes to leave a legacy of highly successful citizens in the world.

Paula Schill

Paula, is co-owner and Vice President of Peak Performance Martial Arts. Paula was born in raised in Austin, Texas. Paula attended Anderson high school lettering 4 years on Dance Team. She taught dance through college where she attended and graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Behavior Sciences.

Following college Paula worked as the Assistant Director of Brazos County Rape Crisis Center. There she assisted sexual assault survivors at the hospital and provided counseling to both adolescent and adult survivors. She partnered up with the District Attorney to develop a program educating elementary students on child molestation, prevention and counseling.

This program is being used in elementary and middle schools across the state. She has testified as an expert on child sexual assault in several adolescent trials. She did countless lectures at Texas A&M on date rape and sexual assault and created a mock date rape trial for students.

Following this challenging and overwhelming career Paula moved back to Austin to help open a new specialty hospital for acute care patients. After a successful career traveling and marketing she decided to start a family. Paula has 3 children that keep her incredibly busy. Parker, 23, Savannah, 17, and Grayson is 13, all of them have earned the rank of 2nd degree black belt and are accomplished athletes in Football, Volleyball and Soccer.

Paula and Master Schill were married in 2006 and they work closely developing the mental and emotional curriculum for students and families. Paula is the quiet force behind the success of Peak.

As VP/Chief Operating Officer, Paula will help answer any questions or challenges with billing, contracts, special events and activities at the school.

Master Jason Whitfield

Master Whitfield was born and raised in N.C. I started Martial Arts at age 5, so it’s always been apart of my life. I joined the Coastguard in my early 20’s. After my competition career ended he Realized he wanted to teach and help people, that really drove his focus to not only be the best he can be but make people better than they thought they could be. So, I sought out the best instructors and schools to enhance that ability, because it’s not what an instructor can do to you, it’s what they can do for you.




Tang Soo Do Hall of Fame
Tae Kwon Do Instructor of the year
Masters degree in Tang Soo Do
Masters degree in Tae Kwon Do
Blackbelt Hapkido
BlackBelt Ha Dong Gum Do (sword)
Certified instructor Of Ho Shin Sol
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt
Multiple times State Champion Forms
Multiple times State Champion Fighting

Prof. Stephen Buitron

Coach Stephen began his martial arts journey with traditional martial arts as a child. He converted to Muay Thai and MMA at the age of 22 and at 23 made a commitment to become a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and Full Time Instructor. He started jiu-jitsu training daily in upstate New York. trained at many different gyms and eventually received blue belt at age 27 from Diego Ramos under SAS team.

After moving to Texas he continued training full time and received his black belt in 2019 from Roland Malone, a Pedro Sauer affiliate.

Coach was an Assistant Instructor at an academy in San Antonio for the last 2 years before fulfilling his dream of becoming a full-time jiu-jitsu instructor, moving to Cedar Park in 2020 and working for Peak Performance.

“I love the atmosphere here at Peak Performance Training Center, a great team environment with the staff, great leadership under Master Schill, and great students who continue to inspire me to keep getting better. My main pursuit is continued personal development both in training and as a teacher, with the ultimate goal of creating safer, happier, and healthier people.”

Master Jeromy Raygo

Master Raygo has trained with master Schill for more than 16 years. He started at the young age of 10 and has worked through the ranks. Throughout his training, Mr. Raygo has competed in a variety of tournaments and has received many 1st place medals. He also competed in wrestling during his school years. In 2013 Mr. Raygo tested and earned his international instructor certification. In 2014 he earned his 3rd-degree black belt and in 2018 earned the rank of Master Instructor. Mr. Raygo is an accomplished martial artist with a specialty in weapons.



Kyo Sa Nim Justin Mehta

Mr. Mehta is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor. He has been training for nearly 12 years at Peak Performance. He is a full time instructor at Peak as well as a college student.







Kyo Sa Kelly Jones

Mrs. Jones started her martial arts training in 2008 along with the rest of her family. She is currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt and also a Certified Instructor. She is currently working towards her 3rd Degree Black Belt. She has been happily married since 1996 to her husband Glenn. They have one daughter, Mackenzie, who is 19 and currently enrolled at Texas A&M University. Mackenzie is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is studying to be a High School English Teacher. Mrs. Jones grew up in Nederland, TX (deep southeast TX) and spent her summers on her grandparent’s farm, camping with her family and going to church camp (25 yrs. as a camper, counselor, and nurse).

Mrs. Jones graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1992. She has been a registered nurse for 28 years and has a wide range of experience from hospitals, home health, and pediatric offices.

Currently, Mrs. Jones works as the Operations Director here at Peak Performance Training Center. She helps with teaching classes, planning and coordinating summer camp, studio operations, testing coordination, studio communication, and anything else that needs to be done. Her hobbies and interest include martial arts classes, camping, crafts, reading, family gatherings, church activities, cats, and anything that involves Mackenzie.

Kyo Sa Falin


Kyo Sa Falin started martial arts at 6 years old and received her 2nd Degree Blackbelt at 14. She participated in local tournaments and in 2013 placed 3rd at State in sparring. In 2018 Kyo Sa Falin was promoted to 2nd Degree and Kyo Sa (Certified Instructor).

Kyo Sa Falin is the head instructor for the traditional martial arts tournament team. Her team has had great success in just 2 short years.

She will test for 3rd Degree in 2021.


Kyo Sa Frank Schwing

Mr. Schwing began his martial arts journey at 5 years old under the tutelage of Master Sin Il Choi. He continued with Tae Kwon Do to the level of Cho Dan Bo before a hiatus for college in 1995. In 2004 he restarted his Martial Arts journey with Master Byung In Lee. During this time, he also cross-trained in Muay Thai kickboxing with Marlon Mathias, BJJ with Sean Cooper, and boxing with Xavier Cepada.

He also trained under combat legends Rafael Cordeiro, Richard Perez, Royce Gracie, and Relson Gracie. After another break from Martial Arts to start a family, his children train and attend the after school program at Peak Performance he joined to study Tang Soo Do under Master Gary Schill.

Kyo Sa Nim Schwing currently holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor.

Martial Arts has been a life passion and helped Frank become a better man, husband, and father, in addition to keeping active and healthy. He enjoys spending time with my wife and two daughters when he’s not training or working as the IT Project and Support Manager at CBM Archives.

  • Tae Kwon Do – Cho Dan Bo
  • Kuk Sool Won – 1 st degree Jyo Kyo Nim
  • Mu Sool Won – 1 st degree Jyo Kyo Nim
  • BJJ – White Belt
  • Muay Thai – White Pra Jiad
  • Tang Soo Do – 1 st degree Cho Dan
  • Multi-year Sparring gold medal recipient Kuk Sool Won tournaments 2002 – 2008
  • BS Biology and Chemistry from Texas A&M Corpus Christi

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