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Welcome to the Master Gary Schill’s Peak Performance After-School Enrichment Program. We have served Leander ISD, Round Rock ISD and Private Elementary Academies in Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown and North Austin for more than 15 years.

The after school hours are some of the most nerve wracking times for parents. You are concerned about your child’s development, safety and security. I know one of your main questions is, where do I enroll my child? Do I enroll them in a Day Care, the YMCA, or another program that offers after school and an extra-curricular activity? These are important questions and we feel that we have built a program so desired by parents that we wrote a book on it. Make sure and register for your free book today.

As a father of 5, I understand the challenges the after school hours create. Since most of the students get out before 3 p.m., this means that our children will spend an average of 3-4 hours daily supervised by someone else or no one at all. We are ranked an average of 26th in the world in education. Most of the countries we are competing against have a different mentality about education and development. Their kids do not get our of school until 5 p.m. and attend school half days on Saturday’s. It is not that our children are not as smart, we are just being outworked. We have to utilize every hour possible to ensure our children are ready for the real world when they leave your home.

With the after school program that I put together nearly 25 years ago, I incorporated three great development programs that are guaranteed to create an environment like no other for your child to succeed in all areas of their life.

Our Physical Skills Development Programs are second to none. We provide professional instruction in the Martial Arts and Football. Both have been used as a foundation to develop young people into responsible, confident, successful adults. Add in our after-school and character development curriculum and your input to their activities during their after school hours, we can ensure that children will have greater opportunities to succeed socially, in school and in life. We then provide a highly trained staff and a success environment that frankly no other after school facility has.

I would like for you to not just take my word for it, but the word of my parents and families that have been with us for many years.

To arrange a no obligation tour, please click on the link below and enter your contact information.


Is Your Child Wasting Nearly 800 Hours Every School Year?

With the average child spending nearly 3-4 hours a day in an after school program or going home alone, many children are wasting hours of development they can never get back. This adds up to between 600 to 800 hours per year. If they are home alone, many children lack the discipline to complete their homework and they are not exposed to a character development programs that will increase their confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and overall self-worth.

If they are enrolled in an after school program or day care center, they are most likely in an environment that lacks structure, properly trained staff member (the state only requires 8 hours of training for staff members) or developmental activities that will benefit your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Many spend 2-3 hours playing video games instead of working on developing life skills that will make them impervious to bullying and negative peer pressure. Many of these environments create a breeding ground for bullying, which leads to a lower self-esteem and decreased confidence in children.

To arrange a no obligation tour, please click on the link below and enter your contact information.

What Training is the Staff at Your Child’s After School Program Completing before Leading Your Child?

As I mentioned earlier, the state only requires licensed day cares to conduct a minimum of 8 hours of staff training before they can baby sit or watch your child. If they are not licensed, there are no training requirements at all. Many of the councilors that are hired to watch kids are in their early 20’s, some are in college and this is not a career, but simply a transitional job.

At Peak my staff completes a rigorous 1000 hour training and development certification program before they are allowed to instruct and work with children on their own. They go through semi-weekly continuing education to ensure they know the best tactics to use to motivate the students to their maximum potential.

We do not hire part time college students, the instructors and teachers are full time professionals and are licensed and certified in their field.


Discover the Peak Performance Triple Threat

At Peak, we have put together the Triple Threat, Physical Skills Training (Martial Arts / Football, After School Academic Development and our Student Success Program. The Martial Arts brings more than 2000 years of proven development that develops your child’s physical, mental and emotional confidence. Football is one of the most participated sports in the world. They will increase their balance, focus, dexterity, motor function skills and eye, hand and foot coordination. Preparing your child mentally and emotionally is extremely important. The social pressure our children are facing today is far greater than we ever faced during our youth. We have to work to develop them to handle the nearly 2,000,000,000 bits of information they receive every minute. This overload of information from the web, mobile devices, televisions, video games and negative interaction with their peers is having a significant effect on their confidence and future development.

Our after school program is staffed with a board certified school teacher. This is to ensure that your child has the proper support during the after school hours to complete any academic work you request. If you direct your child to complete their academic work from school, then our staff will make sure this gets done. Our goal is to get this done prior to you picking them up. We work on academic studies during their breaks from their martial arts and character development training.

Our character development program is something you will thank us for every day. Our curriculum and reward system focuses on the “8 Laws of Respect and Courtesy”, the “4 Laws of Focus and Concentration” and our Award Winning “Self-Discipline Curriculum”. This program works with you building your child’s self-discipline skills to the point where they will clean up after themselves, work harder in school, make better grades, get along better with you and their siblings.

The great thing is every 12 weeks the students who complete their “Student Success Goals” receive a special bonus. All of the curriculum, goals and rewards have been proven to be very effective in developing children to be unstoppable at home, school and in real life.

If these are traits you want your child to develop, then click on the link below and reserve your spot today.


If you are needing additional information, please call us at 512-918-8921.

Thank you,

Master Gary A. Schill



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Stand for What You Believe In,

on February 27, 2013

If you are not will to willing stand up for what you believe in, then do not complain about what you settle for.
Everyday I see and hear people that are extremely unhappy with their circumstances and or relationships. If you do set a level of expectation in your life for the type of behavior you expect from friends, peers and your children, then do not complain about the results of these relationships.
If you want your child to succeed greater in school, then raise the bar for them. If you want them to treat you with respect, then expect that from them. If you want your employer to treat you with respect and value, then set an expectation of behavior from the beginning. However, you need to over produce so there is never a question as to your value to the organization.
Business owners, set the expectations for your customers. You want to over deliver your product or service. If you are providing superior service, the old saying “The customer is always right” is wrong. Some customers are not worth having and regardless of how much money they bring in, you are better off without them.
You must respect yourself first before anyone will respect you themselves.
Raise the bar of expectation in your life and start experiencing the success you want!

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